The Kamikaze Dragon Whelps (KDW) is a gaming group that promotes multi-player Magic: The Gathering events.  We strive to provide fun, safe, & challenging multi-player events for local MTG players.

The KDW is composed of three officers that are responsible for all events, rules and judgments, and will hence forth be referred as De Whelps.  Other group members will be known as Whelplings.

The House Rules are as follows:

- Cards officially banned by MTG cannot be used in any of KDW events.

- We reserve the right to ban any cards not officially banned if they are deemed broken.

- Cards from ALL sets, excluding The Unhinged Block, are allowed in play.

- You cannot concede a game, you must play until the final life or poison counter.  In the event a player must concede, due to an emergency outside their control or a time constraint previously discussed with De Whelps, no person shall be awarded the Kill.  If De Whelps feel like this rule is being abused, they have the power to award Kills OR null Kills for the offending player.

- Scoring is based on Kills, NOT games won.  A Kill is awarded to the person that applies the final amount of damage, or final poison counter, to any opponent.

- The format rules and types for upcoming events will be posted here, in Mr. Bills, and on Facebook.  It is highly recommended that Whelplings keep track of the calendar and rules as the formats WILL vary widely from week to week.

- At each event, the player with the most Kills will be awarded that events prize.  There will be a grand prize awarded at the end of the Three Month Event Bracket to the player with the most Kills for that Bracket.

- Prizes will be comprised of product related to MTG, NOT in a cash payout.

- The $2 admission fee will be split as thus:  $1 will go towards the Event Prize, $1 will be added to the pool towards the Bracket Grand Prize. The person per tournament with the most kills will be awarded $1 in store credit, as well as a booster pack.  At the end of the 3 month bracket, the person with the most kills will be awarded 60% of the event $1 buy ins for the 3 months in store credit, 2nd place will receive 30% and 3rd 10%.  Again, all awards will be issued in store credit!

- Abusive language or behavior, poor attitude, and unfair game play are all reasons to be banned from further game play and will not be tolerated.  Please, take your wins and losses with dignity and respect and a POSITIVE attitude!  Remember, this is FUN!

- In the case of a TIE, either at a Weekly Event OR for Bracket Standings:  the 2 Players will play a Standard Format game.  If this game is unable to take place that day, it will be held at the beginning of the next week's event.  If one of the Players involved is not there, the award will automatically be given to the Player present.  If BOTH Players are not there, the prize will be rolled over to the next Weekly Event or Bracket Cycle.  

- We reserve the rights to alter or update any and all of these rules at any time, for any reason.

For a Calendar of Weekly Events, Click Here.

For a list of Rotating Formats, Click Here.

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